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Among us, What is it and why did it become so popular?

Among us, What is it and why did it become so popular?

What is Among Us? Although it premiered in 2018, it became known mainly last month. The premise of the game is this: There are a number of scammers and collaborators. The goal of the scammers is to kill the collaborators while the mission of the collaborators is to complete all the necessary tasks on the map or to find out who the scammers are before the latter kill them.

Although at first glance it looks like a normal game, without anything special, if you try it you will find that maybe three hours pass without you realizing it! It is no coincidence that the addictive Among Us has swept the gamer community into popularity, but why and how did this happen?

How Among Us become so popular?

As we mentioned before, the game first appeared in 2018 but became very popular in the last two months. Many big names from the streaming industry as well as Youtubers such as Ninja, DrLupo and many others, started playing with each other, streaming their program live and uploading videos of themselves playing with their friends on YouTube.

Since these YouTubers have a large audience, many people started playing the game. This resulted in its rapid spread, because the more Among Us was played, the more popular it became.

Another important factor in the popularity of Among Us is its price and how you can get it. Among Us is free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. This means that the user of Apple and Android devices can play it for free. This allows all your friends to play with you without having to pay for the game. In my experience, this game, if your friends are involved, turns into an incredibly beautiful and fun activity and is a game that you can enjoy for hours until the end with undiminished interest.

How much does it cost?

Among Us is free, so how does the game make money? Inside the game there are ads to other companies, as well as aesthetic upgrades that cost money and you can use them to dress your character and give it a unique look. Among Us costs just four euros, a very good price on Steam.

Steam is an online store of applications for computers and laptops. The benefit of paying four euros via Steam is that there will be no ads in the game. Among Us ranks high on Steam of all its games and is # 1 on the App Store in the free games category. This allows the game to be seen by more people and expands its growth and income.

If you have not yet tried to play Among Us, I suggest you do. It’s free and it’s a lot of fun playing with a group of friends. If you do not like it, then there is no problem because you can just delete the application from your phone without feeling that you have wasted your money on a game. Among Us has caused a global sensation that does not seem to stop any time soon.