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Apple Watch SE: Users report overheating problem

Apple Watch SE: Users report overheating problem

It seems that users from South Korea report an overheating problem in their new Apple Watch SE, with the same result. The reports started on Reddit, where a total of six people have so far mentioned the exact same issue of overheating in their new smartwatch.

As can be seen, the problem is located at the top right, between the Taptic Engine and the Digital Crown on the sides. Due to overheating, users’ Apple Watch SE screens have turned yellow at that point. Some were lucky, as the problem occurred when the smartwatch was in the charger. But some were more unlucky as they wore it and felt the sharp rise in temperature in their hand.

So far 3 of the 6 owners have already mentioned the issue with their new watch at Apple and are waiting for compensation. It should also be noted that the number of users at the moment is too small to talk about a general problem with the device, although we will find out over time if the new Apple Watch SE really has a serious problem or if some owners were just unlucky.