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Best Firefox add-ons for videos
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Best Firefox add-ons for videos

Firefox add-ons for videos: Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers and we would not say unfairly. Although a lot of people have turned to Google Chrome or Opera, Firefox is a solid value with several add-ons to enhance its functionality. In today’s article, we have selected the best firefox add-ons for you who watch several videos on the internet.

So if you are an internet user who spends a lot of time watching video, installing some add-ons for Firefox will unlock new features and make the video viewing experience even better. Let’s see them in detail:

1. Ant Video Downloader

This add-on is a very useful option if you like to download videos to your computer. Many people want to keep their own video file so they can watch it later offline. With Ant Video Downloader, you can download videos from several websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Mega Video and more.

Download Ant Video Downloader for Firefox here

2. Turn Off The Lights

This particular Firefox add-on does exactly what its name suggests. Specifically, while watching a video, it turns off the lights on anything other than the video. If you generally watch videos on a small screen and not full screen, this add-on will greatly benefit the viewing of videos and of course the negative effects on your eyes.

Download Turn Off The Lights here

3. Enhancer for YouTube

This add-on is one of the top for Youtube. If you generally watch frequent videos on Youtube, Enhancer for YouTube will unlock a number of new features for this platform. Some of the basic features offered by this firefox add-on are:

  • Control video intensity and speed level
  • Block ads
  • Hide comments
  • Automatic video playback in 4K, HD or any other preferred format
  • Use custom themes
  • Use a larger player window
  • Keyboard shortcuts for better video control
  • We would say that Enhancer for YouTube is a Firefox add-on that everyone should have installed.

Download Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox here

4. External Video Player

This Firefox add-on allows you to open any internet video with your favorite video player. In particular, you can choose VLC, MXplayer and a variety of other players, which will automatically open the videos you watch online. A very useful add-on if you like to use a specific player for greater convenience when watching videos.

Download the External Video Player here

5. TubeBuddy

The last addon that we chose for our list mainly concerns Youtubers. If you have your own video channel on Youtube, TubeBuddy is an add-on that is definitely worth having installed in your browser. This extension will facilitate the management of your channel, the study of its statistics and much more.

Download TubeBuddy here

These are the most notable Firefox video add-ons.