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Free PC games for Lockdown period

Free PC games for Lockdown period

The second lockdown is a fact in many countries but for us gamers it is an opportunity for more hours of gaming on our computer. So we will talk about free PC games that deserve our attention and we will pass the lockdown… κι

The Best Free PC Games

The following is a list of the best free PC games in my opinion:


If you are a fan of anime culture, Genshin Impact is definitely what you are looking for. This is a full action RPG with a huge world to explore, unique graphics and script as the voice overs are amazing. Also this particular beyond PC is cross Platform and you will find it even on Android.

In the coming days, a video will be uploaded to the channel for the specific game that, in addition to the gaming experience, its music will take you on a journey. At the end game level you will need a lot of grinding or even to buy some items but do not pop as until then you have a lot to do!


The Lite version of the game is the best I’ve personally played in Battle Royale lately. The small requirements make it very popular as well as the weakest PC can pick it up.

PUBG Lite offers players an authentic experience of the original game having also received data from the mobile version. If you decide to deal with those who are used to mobile in the beginning it will be a little difficult as you will not have so many automated features but very quickly you will get into the mood.

It promises many hours of play and you can join your friends instead of going to a crown party 😛



Although on Steam it costs $ 5 I decided to include Among Us as you can find it for free for Android and iOS and it is a cross platform.

Clear proof that you do not always need the perfect graphics for a game to become popular since already with online players reaching 500.00.



We are moving to MMOs again and although years have passed Guild Wars 2 still attracts thousands of players. Countless Questing, Events and Bosses that will need big teams to beat.

The free version of Guild Wars 2 is huge and if you choose to buy the expansion Path of Fire you will also receive Heart of Thrones as a gift. For a start I am sure you will be satisfied with the free version.



I will close with the popular Call of Duty that if you decide to download (believe me it is a decision of 100+ GB of game) you will definitely eat several hours.

This particular Call of Duty is the Battle Royale version of 150 players thrown into battle. To enjoy it properly you need a good machine so check the required features before starting the huge Download.

I believe there are enough free PC games out there to spend sime quality time on gaming..