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MacOS vs Windows: pros & cons

MacOS vs Windows: pros & cons

We compare interface, user experience and MacOS vs Windows features. Most likely for someone reading this article to try to find what one has that the other software does not have. But the reality is somewhat different. Over the years, the two rival softwares have acquired many similarities. But there are many who are not experts in either system and wonder! But why this controversy? Is it all about marketing? After this introduction we are going to get to know and understand some key features in this battle and analyze MacOS vs Windows: pros & cons

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MacOS vs. Windows: advantages and disadvantages

Lets analyze all pros and cos of MacOS and Windows:


Admittedly, Apple is known for its design prowess in terms of hardware so it is expected that the software will be just as beautiful. Microsoft, on the other hand, tends to focus more on the functional / practical part and leave the design aside. Of course, it has made great strides in recent years and every year it adds new elements to the design, something that shows that it does not give up and intends to compete with apple in this field. One of the key design advantages of Apple is the excellent Retina displays it uses. This allows it to emphasize details such as transparent menus, colors, fine lines, which could not be displayed on a lower level screen.

Apple interface

Of course design is not the only thing that defines an operating system. The interface is also important. It is what ties in with the overall design to produce what we will see below, the overall user experience. Armed with many features, always guided by the maximization of efficiency and productivity, we can say that one can not lose with either option. An excellent application of apple is the automatic sorting into folders. For example, if you take a screenshot and do not put it in a folder, it will automatically sort it into the screenshots folder on the desktop. It is something that reveals the general philosophy behind the company which is to offer, ready, to the user what he considers as the best practice and solution for each of his problems. Many more apple applications are moving at this wavelength.

Interface windows

Windows never got into this process. That is, to think about us. They have many applications that make our lives easy and many productivity tricks, such as splitting the screen into four parts to run four applications at the same time, but their philosophy is generally not to think about you. This is the noticeable difference between companies.


No one uses their computer just for work or fun anymore. Mobile phones, tablets and many more electronic devices are on our daily work and leisure menu. In this area, windows does not encounter issues in terms of interaction with other devices. Apple, on the other hand, in terms of compatibility and communication with other devices may seem to make life difficult at times. Of course, things tend to improve and in a few years there may not be such an issue.

Purchase options

Here things are simple. If you want to work in the apple ecosystem you will just get a mac. The only thing that will bother you are the inches of the screen and the processor. There just aren’t that many options. If on the other hand, you want a windows pc, good luck in the search. With literally endless options and brands to choose from you will definitely need help. Of course, the simplicity of apple costs. It costs a lot. On the other hand you can find a decent windows pc for relatively little money.

Overall user experience

After all the above we came to what we call the overall user experience. That is, from the moment one buys one’s computer and starts living with it. Surely apple has created an ecosystem of professional standards for all its models. He believes that he knows how to do things the right way and he takes care to show it. For a professional it would definitely be an ideal choice. On the other hand, the incredible variety in prices, models and degree of customization that one encounters in a windows pc is one reason that makes them suitable for anyone. From a professional to a simple user who just wants to watch YouTube and read his news.

MacOS vs Windows – Conclusion

Learning the features of one software or another is definitely a long process but if you are already familiar with one of the two then switching to the other will not be a difficult task. There are definitely differences but not to scare you. Extra bonus that if you already own an I phone and use a PC with windows, switching to a mac will be a breeze.