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Marvel: Plans for an epic movie with the return of Tony Stark

Marvel: Plans for an epic movie with the return of Tony Stark

Nothing is currently evolving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this is due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes a movie premiere particularly difficult. Marvel is not ready to release any blockbusters, so Black Widow will be released in theaters in May. And this if the whole issue of the coronavirus has stopped.

Only WandaVision will launch this fall, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki will be delayed indefinitely. It is not yet clear if these TV series will be released before Black Widow launches.

Although Marvel fans do not have much to look forward to in terms of new movies, Marvel is preparing some huge surprises behind the scenes. Marvel is preparing its next masterpiece after Endgame, which will include the return of Tony Stark in the best possible way. It is even possible to see the return of Captain America (Steve Rogers).


The Return of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)

Marvel: Plans for an epic movie with the return of Tony Stark

Iron Man Returns The return of Tony Stark from the dead would certainly be one of the worst choices Marvel could make. After all, the “legacy” left behind by the movie Endgame and the huge grief revolved around this event. The goal of the movie Endgame was to send the message that not everything is always rosy and the good beat the bad. Significant sacrifices must be made to fight the huge enemy (in this case Thanos).

The man inside Marvel, Mikey Sutton, said that Tony Stark would be back for Secret Wars saga’s but he would not be the Tony Stark we all loved. It will essentially be a different Stark, from a different – parallel universe. He may not even be wearing the Iron Man costume.

The Stark we knew was gone for good, but the much-loved Robert Downey Jr. will return as a different person. This is probably the only way Marvel could bring Robert Downey Jr. back. and the fans will definitely be happy.

Is Captain America also returning?

Marvel: Plans for an epic movie with the return of Tony Stark

Return of captain america steve rogers In a different interview, Sutton said that there is a possibility that we will see the return of Chris Evans, the actor who played Steve Rogers (Captain America). This hero did not die in Endgame. Steve Rogers retired and chose to live the life Tony talked about. As for everyone else, however, Rogers gave his life during the final battle, and Far From Home made it clear.

Evans himself seemed very convinced that he was done with the character. He said in some interviews that he believed that anything else about Rogers should be done in a way that did not ruin what had just happened. Specifically, Evans stated:

“It was a wonderful journey and it reached its climax. So it would be dangerous to undo it, in my opinion. It was a wonderful experience and I think it’s better to stay that way. “

However, a leak from Marvel states that he may need to be involved in the development of the movie plot, without specifying what exactly.

Anyway, all the scenarios we mentioned above are under consideration and nothing is certain yet. All we have to do is wait, but the certainty is that after such an abstention, the company will definitely justify us with something extraordinary! And from what is rumored, little by little we will see Marvel movies take on the character of comics where several characters from many universes interact.