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One of the most important questions that arose after the acquisition of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft for $ 7.5 billion, concerns the future of games that are being developed by the companies of the first (eg Bethesda, id Software, etc.). In a recent interview on the Kotaku website, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer was asked about the issue specifically for The Elder Scrolls 6, and his answer is rather worrying for PlayStation owners.

To be precise, the Kotaku editor asked Mr. Spencer if they intended to amortize part of the $ 7.5 billion by keeping The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusively for Xbox Series X / S and Windows PC, with Mr. Spencer answering in the affirmative, but to emphasize that it is not Microsoft’s intention to deprive other gamers of access to some video games in general.

To answer this question directly, if I think about where gamers can play and the number of platforms we offer – and we have Game Pass and xCloud – there will probably be no need to make these games available on other platforms, whatever. whatever that means.

If we read between the lines, the feeling created by the statement is that Microsoft has probably not decided 100% what it intends to do with the exclusives of ZeniMax games. It is possible to see some of them exclusively on Windows PC and Xbox for at least some time, so we would not be too impressed if The Elder Scrolls 6 is announced as the exclusive title for its own platforms.