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PlayStation 5: Bug forces users to data restoration
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PlayStation 5: Bug forces users to data restoration

It may have just been released in the US and China yesterday, but PlayStation 5 is forcing some users to restore data due to a bug. The reports came from the IGN website, which states that three of the website’s staff members face exactly the same problem.

In addition, IGN reports that there are several users who have reported exactly the same bug, which currently remains without a patch. According to the information, the bug appears when players go to download a PlayStation 5 game. Then, there are two possibilities: either the game remains in the queue for download, or the game can not be downloaded.

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In either case, the result is the same. The game will not be downloaded, nor can its download be canceled. Also, while in the PlayStation 5 library it appears that the game is owned by the player, in the Store it only appears to be available for purchase.

Most of the affected players report that the problem occurred in their attempt to download Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, but there are reports for other launch games on the console, even for the Disney + application. So far there is no official placement from Sony, with Activision suggesting users do data recovery.

According to the source, after the data recovery everything seems to be working normally, but for an IGN member this did not solve the problem either. With Sony not giving you the option to transfer PlayStation 5 games to an external drive and resetting is the only solution, you should download all your games again (if you have any).

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