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TikTok: “Lock” accounts owned by users under 16 years old
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TikTok: “Lock” accounts owned by users under 16 years old

The popular video posting application TikTok announced the automatic “locking” of all accounts belonging to minors under 16 years of age. The purpose is to protect minor users from imminent cyber threats, according to SkyNews.

This will automatically turn accounts into private ones, preventing other accounts from downloading their videos, and they will not be able to receive or send messages to other users. Only if a minor wants to make a post public will he be able to do so.

Tik Tok regulations

The new regulations come a month after a relevant federal regulator ordered the app to reveal how it protects and processes posts by children and teens. TikTok CEO Elaine Fox said: “We want to encourage our younger users to take an active part in an online privacy journey and we hope to inspire them to take a more active role and make informed online decisions. their privacy “.

TikTok, however, does not stop there and the new settings of the application include the additional condition that the accounts of those belonging to the age group of 13-15 years can not be offered to other users.

One last and very important new regulation is the connection of parents’ accounts with those of their children, so that there is more control over the content that the young users of the application come in contact with.