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Viber: New tool allows you to add reminders to Notes
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Viber: New tool allows you to add reminders to Notes

Viber now allows its users to easily set reminders for their notes, putting all their messages and tasks in order in the application that always takes care of their privacy.

In more detail, Rakuten Viber has introduced a feature that allows users of the “My Notes” service to set reminders for tasks and other important events. The new feature allows users to keep all their messages and priorities in order in an application that is easy to use but also emphasizes the security of their data.

As the pace of our daily lives accelerates and stressful schedules become even more chaotic than the challenges posed by the pandemic, reminders and lists become even more important in how we control our lives. For example, remembering birthdays, exams, or teleconferences. With the new My Notes reminder feature on Viber, the platform makes it easy for users to adjust to this new reality easily, allowing them to put their daily routine in order, always in the same app they use to communicate with colleagues, family and friends.

Users can simply hold down any message in “My Notes” and put a reminder. A menu asking them to set a date and time for the reminder appears and they can decide if they want it to be repeated. The reminder will appear on their phone at the time they selected.

This feature complements the other features of Notes, which allow users to:

Keep notes of jobs, events, or other reasons.
To note that they have completed their work but also to hide the completed notes.
Forward messages from other conversations to “My Notes”. The forwarded messages will show where the conversation is coming from, so that users will always remember who each one is.

“We understand that our users need to stay in control of their lives and adapt quickly to a reality that changes, sometimes, minute by minute. So Viber is pleased to present this feature that allows users to put in a series of messages and reminders in a single application, which at the same time is easy to use and that really cares about their privacy, “said Ofir Eval, COO of Viber.